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1on1 chat for iphone

Add the following to Build and run your app; you should see any messages sent earlier along with any new ones you enter: Congrats! Now it’s time to do some even fancier things, such as detecting when a user is typing.

One of the coolest features of the Messages app is seeing the “user is typing” indicator.

Everything should be working as expected, but you’ve not yet added the code to visit one of your channels when tapped.

Fix that with the following code: so the app can uniquely identify the sender of the messages — even if it doesn’t know specifically who that person is.

Build and run; you should see incoming messages in black text: Boom — that’s one nice looking chat app! Add the following properties to Build and run; open up your Firebase App Dashboard and click on the Data tab.

Send a message in the app and you should see the messages appear in the dashboard in real time: High five!

You’ll model this as a table view with two sections.

There’s just one more thing you need to do before you can see a list of channels pulled from Firebase: provide a way to create channels!

The IBAction has already been set up for you in the storyboard, so just add the following code to your class: Build and run your app and create some channels.

You’re saving messages to the Firebase database like a pro.

The messages don’t appear on the screen, but you’ll take care of that next.

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In this Firebase tutorial, you’ll build config file to your project.

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