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To create the dynamic range for column A, do the following: Notice that first range reference starts with row 2. The second set of references refers to the entire column, enabling the formula to accommodate all values in the column, not just a specific range.

The addition of the -1 component eliminates the heading cell from the count.

For a dynamic chart technique that takes a different route, read Create a dynamic Excel chart and make your own dashboard.

Two example Excel worksheets demonstrating these versions of dynamic charting are available as a free download.

That's because the chart, by default, references a specific data range, Dynamic Chart1: A1: E3. Now, start entering data for March and watch the chart automatically update!

We need to change that reference to the dynamic ranges we just created, as follows: Repeat the above process to update the remaining series to reflect their dynamic ranges: Dynamic Chart1! Just remember, you must enter data contiguously; you can't skip rows or columns.

The only way to force an update is to get Power Point to hand the embedded data back to MSGraph and edit it there. Once the add-in has been loaded you can set the Security level back to HIGH Contents © 1995 - 2017 Stephen Rindsberg, Rindsberg Photography, Inc. You may link to this page but any form of unauthorized reproduction of this page's contents is expressly forbidden.

In other words, doubleclick the graph or write VBA code that does it for you.

The link is from MSGraph to Excel in this case, but MSGraph is never launched until you doubleclick the graph in Power Point, so only then does it realize that there's a link to external data and update it from Excel. Select Tools | Macros | Security on the security level tab, check MEDIUM. It relies on dynamic ranges that update automatically, similar to the way the table does, but only with a little help from you.Using our earlier sheet, you'll need five dynamic ranges: one for each series and one for the labels.However, once I open & close the graphs in PP, they'll show the correct data." To understand why this happens, you first have to know that Power Point itself doesn't make graphs.Instead, it fires up MSGraph, an "applet" whose sole purpose in life is to supply graphs to Power Point and other applications via OLE (Object Linking and Embedding).

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If you find yourself making the charts for your presentations in Numbers and would like an easy way to update them, the chart updating feature in Keynote does just that.

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