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Our driver was very good and we enjoyed our time with them both.Unfortunately, due to the holiday, Beijing sights were very crowded but we still enjoyed ourselves.Very kind regards Dear Nancy, We enjoined our trip in Shanxi, the van very good, the driver and the guide good. The breakfast in the Flower hotel in the mountains is still before the cultural revolution. We had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we went.

Take a taxi by yourself to the Beijing West Train station for the train (soft sleeper class, 4 berths in one compartment) to Datong.

And when our son will stay in China - and it seems so - than we will come back soon.

So again: Thank you for your patient and the excellent organisation. I also enjoined exchanging emails with you and with Libby. Hi Nancy, Thank you too for all your organization and help with our wonderful holiday in China.

History has gone with the wind, yet it left its traces all around these ancient hubs - you will see through the lanes, the buildings, the antique figures to find the past glories and immerse into the Culture that breeds up the Chinese people...

Set foot in the Capital of China - Beijing, a city mixed with modernity and traditional culture.

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My only negative comment on Beijing would be that I think the Hutong Company used was not good. Anna also had good knowledge and her English was good too. We noted other Guest Houses in Pingyao and wondered how you chose the one you did. Good Morning Sara, I did pay the additional money this morning at am. Regards, Dear Sara, We are at home in Germany again since one hour and it is time to thank you for your perfect organisation. The trip through China was exiting and we made many experiences.

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