Dating women of austria

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Dating women of austria

Her family even goes to Christian church on occasion.

But at the same time, she hangs out with all sorts of different people.

It's less common among Serbian and Croatians, but definitely happens 95% of the time with Albanians and Turks (and other arabs).

Now to the OP: I find Austrian women to be way more open.

The way I see my girls family works seems much different than many western cultures.I've been with two girls that grew up in Austria, but neither of them were actually Austrian.As a matter of fact, my girlfriend now (Who I just got back together with) grew up in Austria, but was born in Turkey and her family all came from Turkey.The mom stays at home and is a straight up house wife.My girls closest siblings (23 & 19) live at home still, and they don't see much of a reason to leave because their mom cooks them 3 meals a day and life is good for them there.

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So I would like to hear from some people living there: Is the country one big cock-fest? I've been with two girls that grew up in Austria, but neither of them were actually Austrian.

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