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That’s not to say multiple plaforms do not matter: with Contacts, Rekhi says Android and mobile web versions will be coming next.

At least in this early stage of the product, Contacts falls into a somewhat grey area between what are professional contacts and what are personal contacts, and what role Linked In plays.

Within each contact, you also now have an expanded relationship view that integrates all of the interactions you’ve had with a particular person over the different networks that have been integrated, along with any reminders that you have set yourself to connect in the future.In the case of the new Contacts app, that will include special calendar and to-do views that bring in some of the features from Linked In’s flagship app.Rekhi also says that some features of Contacts will also likely be making their way to the main app in the future, too.Make way for another major update to the Linked In platform: today the company is relaunching its Contacts section as a smart contact management system that will let users link up and integrate connections on Linked In with those from Google, Yahoo and Microsoft apps; Evernote; Trip It; your i Phone and more, and then serve as a “personal assistant” to help manage the interactions you make with them.Along with this, Linked In is launching a Contacts app for the i Phone — its third standalone app in addition to Linked In itself and business card scanner Card Munch, and the first time that Linked In has broken out one feature of its platform in its own app.

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Facebook and Twitter contacts are not included as import options right now.

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