Luther dating servis sa au

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Luther dating servis sa au

A separate page explains that the content in the "Language" section is taken from Wikipedia and available under GFDL, but does not link to original articles, doesn't list authors and doesn't provide local copy of the license (just a link to is provided). The owner claims the duplication is for "load balancing".

On all the sites I checked, there is a link to internal GFDL, the original article, and the original history, below the last ads.

Superm401 - Talk , 2 February 2007 (UTC) I just checked the first five URLs and they are all dead (mostly with the usual "search" page that domain registrars tend to put up when a domain expires).

All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License."Contents are copied entirely from Wikipedia, including our own internal links, with no mention made that the content comes from Wikipedia.

The bottom of each page bears the notice "copyright © 2010 AMAA"The contributor whose content was copied wrote to the webmaster and the content has been removed.

He replied stating, "But I do say all of those things on the bottom".

I replied noting that the requirements had changed due to the licensing transition, and KForge (which I cited) is CC-BY-SA only.

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