Medical school students dating

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Medical school students dating

Talking to some of my (to be honest, male) classmates, it seems that a lot of their partners have a hard time with the fact that they can't always talk when they want to, which is why sometimes a set plan is best.If they tell you that they're going to the library for the next 6 hours, and that they'll call you after, it's really in both people's interest to let them be for those hours.

Most importantly, I think this time that your partner is working towards their career is a time that you get to work on yourself too.

When I was that person, I took over a lot of the house responsibilities - I did the grocery shopping, the laundry, took care of the bills, and did the majority of the cleaning. In addition, the time that he saved from not having to do the other life responsibilities could go towards real time with me. ;) Long-distance relationships, on the other hand, add a whole other level of difficulty on top of what already is a hard situation.

All LDRs have their hardships, but I feel because medical students rarely get free weekends or nights that it makes it pretty hard to always stay in touch.

There are times where you just won't be able to talk to your SO, as much as both of you would like to.

Sometimes you may have to prepare them that a big test is coming up and you won't be as available.

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I think the most important thing to remember is that your medical student boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse does not want to spend all night in the library. Getting to cook a nice dinner together, go on a walk around sunset, and then cuddle up to watch a movie. Failing out of medical school and owing thousands upon thousands of dollars back to the government.