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Parallels internet security not updating

In addition, a shared clipboard and drag-drop support between Mac OS X and the guest OS was implemented.This version brought the ability for users with a Windows XP installation to upgrade to Windows Vista from within the VM environment.

The big drawback is all programs and apps are removed and takes a long time to reinstall all your applications if you have many like me.This option is untested by me, but I remember people saying that there is a possible option to contact Support using the built in Contact Support app Here you can explain the situation and request your free license to be reset. is a developer of desktop and server virtualization software.*Original Story* Before I start, let clarify that I am already in touch with Parallels support on Twitter and they are reviewing the case (thanks Parallels Support team! In the meantime, I wanted to share my experience so others can use if they are in same boat as me.Deploying Parallels Desktop v11 in conjunction with existing Windows 10 (Pro in this case) that was free upgrade from Microsoft results in deactivation of Windows with no option to reactivate (dead license key).

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Parallels Desktop for Mac is able to virtualize a full set of standard PC hardware, including The first official release of version 2.5 was on February 27, 2007, as build 3186.