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Pigeon john is dating your sister lyrics

I hope you never ever have to leave again" I looked in your eyes, pretend to grin Said that I love you and your my best friend Told you to trust me until the end 'Til death do us part, that was the start But I'm leaving I'm sorry but I'm leaving I'm sorry my dear...

Every once in a blue moon an artist comes along that is so interesting that they demand attention. His ability to blend beautifully crafted raps (Originalz) with a sing song style (Orange County) makes PJ an artist that is destined to be talked about for a long time. The originality of this artists' style makes it hard not to like most tracks. PJ is a very talented emcee whose dedication to the underground west coast hip hop scene is starting to finally pay off.

Hello Everybody Matter 101Fox Hills Mallmacks Sealed Fate Deception Sam The Goat All Eyes On Me2 Step (feat. Originalz Welcome To The Show Identity Crisis Do The Pigeon So Gangster Draw Me The Bomb Pigeon John is a hip hop artist from Los Angeles.

Deep thought and seriousness are better left to other rappers, right? On Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister, his second solo album, the West coast underground MC skillfully balances the lighthearted part of his personality with his desire to talk about real issues affecting him and his peers.

What sets PJ apart from other “deep rappers” is his ability to sound profound without coming off as preachy or whiny, as on “Identity Crisis” when he rhymes, “Dancing and acting a fool and stuff/But in the back of their mind, is it all a bluff? /All of my insecurities is hovering up.” Somewhat paradoxically, his confidence in his lack of confidence is displayed without sounding cocky, a rare feat in the current hip-hop world.

But his Average Joe stance matches his casual rhythms.

Artist: Pigeon John Title: Pigeon John is Dating Your Sister Rating: 3 1/2 Stars Reviewed by: Jason Newman Judging by the album title and cover photo-former L. Symphony member Pigeon John opening a white picket fence with flowers in his hand-one would expect to hear a rapper spit lighthearted, goofy rhymes over fun, circus-esque beats.

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