Robert plant and allison krause dating

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Robert plant and allison krause dating

In 1966, Plant left school to began his musical career.He performed with a number of groups around this time, showing his talent for handling blues music.

Robert Plant became interested in singing at a young age and found inspiration in the likes of Elvis Presley.Inspired at a young age by Elvis Presley, Plant left school to begin his musical career.He performed with a number of groups before he was discovered by Jimmy Page, who was in search of a lead singer for a new band he was forming, called the New Yardbirds. Plant launched his solo career in 1982, reuniting with the band for occasional benefits.After a short tour as the New Yardbirds, the band quickly renamed themselves Led Zeppelin. The band then released their first album, in 1969, which earned mixed reviews.They landed a spot as the opening act for the American rock group Vanilla Fudge during their U. While critics may have disliked the group, Led Zeppelin won over fans with Plant's raw, powerful vocals and Page's masterful guitar work.

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In 1968, Plant was recruited by guitarist Jimmy Page for the New Yardbirds, and he, in turn, recommended Bonham to Page.

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  1. As Stephan Jenkins once said during an appearance on MTV, “There’s beauty in the struggle to make music.” And although it might seem that someone whose band has sold 8 million albums since 1997 would know little about this concept, in fact the road to success for Jenkins and his cohorts has, like the course of true love, never quite “run smooth.” And it is perhaps this comparison that explains both the struggle and success that add up to Third Eye Blind.