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Speed dating canterbury nz

”Funded by the Ministry of Education (utilising the Joint School Initiative Funding (JSIF) and the innovation funding component of the Greater Christchurch Education Renewal Programme (GCERP), our annual unconferences are organised by a small team from various schools in the Burnside cluster, facilitated by cluster coordinator Paul Sibson.

The organisation process begins by canvassing schools in the cluster and brainstorming with colleagues on themes they are interested in, sessions they would like to lead or contribute to, and current workplace issues.

To illustrate this idea, she told the gathering that in October 2015 there will be an office block built in Dubai entirely by 3D printer.As an educator, it’s a great feeling knowing you have a forum to share your strengths and experience, as well as being able to ask others for advice and help, taking away ideas and resources.Those attending BLCC unconferences enjoy the freedom of being able to choose sessions that are relevant and interesting to their teaching careers.Cheryl talked about future-focused learning, and how we must be open to retaining the values and experience of our past, while at the same time embracing change.She spoke of the need to be strong as educators and keep looking outwards in how we keep up with what’s happening in education and employment around the world, which will help to push our schools and our teachers forward.

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How we work is changing rapidly, so how we educate needs to change as well.

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