Symantec 10 not updating defs Sluts one on one cams no sign up

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Symantec 10 not updating defs

Symantec/Norton should look into it as the version I got on 8th (both) are never even mentioned on the site in the release history : https:// In our PCs here we have 2 folders in IPSDefs, viz., 20170408.002 & 20170408.004 and the site shows as : 12/4/17 Security Update 1791 20170411.001 11/4/17 Security Update 1790 20170410.001 8/4/17 Security Update 1789 20170408.001 7/4/17 Security Update 1788 20170407.001 I am seeing the same on NSBU. I remember seeing a Norton site with all the definitions and they would start every day with .001 and each update changed the last digits for that day.They would not release each update but would test them and eventually pick the one to release.When it was downgraded, it was actually rolled back and that was when that liveupdate.came back again checking something every hour or two. That date seems to be around the time line that Mehul is giving also.I know others are seeing the same thing I am, but I am wondering if it has something to do with this topic of the thread. I don't know why they haven't got rid of that old antivirus folder by now.It would be helpful if someone from Symantec would just post in this thread and let us know why the IPS driver and engine were rolled back to earlier versions, and if this should have restarted the delivery of new IPS definitions during Live Updates.I still haven't received the latest v20170417.001 IPS definition set that was just added to the Virus Definitions & Security Updates release history so I have no idea if this rollback has fixed any of my IPS-related issues.In the IPSDefs folder it shows the version of 8th april but on the site it shows the two more were released on 10th and 11th but is not updating on PCs here. In History all Live Updates are shown as complete and without any failures (both Manual and Automatic), but none of them shows the IPSDefs part after the date I mentioned.

was downgraded today from to; my IPS engine was also downgraded today from to'm having an issue with some of my SEP clients not updating A/V definitions from the SEPM server.They call all ping the SEPM server but for some reason, some workstations are not getting the latest virus def. On the smc-server-0.log, I noticed a bunch of errors: SEVERE: Error while extracting full content under c:\program files\symantec\symantec endpoint protection manager\tomcat\..\inetpub\content\xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxx\Full What else can I check to see what's causing the communication problems?It is supposed to be empty since we are now using SDS definitions now.Perhaps there are some locations in the world which are still using the Antivirus definitions. Norton still supports the older versions of Norton which weren't updated to the newer versions which would still have the older antivirus definitions. floplot: Has anyone noticed in Community Watch history that there is a liveupdate.which is a real Norton server, but it's reported as an offending url since it seems to be pointing to my It stops sometimes and that stoppage is tied to the changing of IPS drivers. I brought this up because of the connection to IPS and what Imacri stated.

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I have no idea if it was just a typo or if Symantec decided to pull the v20170417.001 definition set.

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