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After being tempted by some weapons, he is still unable to be persuaded.Miss Pauling leaves the weapons regardless and tells him that the Soldier accepted the offer from his employers.She then draws attention to Miss Pauling, standing nervously behind her.Miss Pauling explains that while running a background check on the BLU Soldier and RED Demoman, they discovered that the two have become friends after meeting at a Projectile Weapons Expo.This angers the Administrator as it is a betrayal of their trust. When Miss Pauling tells her that friends sometimes talk, this worries the Administrator, who fears that the two mercenaries could talk about work and discover they are both working for the same person. She instructs Miss Pauling to call Saxton Hale and have him develop custom weapons for her to use as bait for the two friends.The comic then cuts to Saxton Hale, preparing to jump out of an airplane.On the screen is the Administrator, who addresses the Soldier.She gives him two options: her associates drive him to the nearest Gravel Pit where they kill him for gross insubordination, or he kill the Demoman.

He is at home preparing tea for his mother, who is hassling him about getting more than only three jobs.The Soldier then questions the man for his identity while pointing a Shotgun at him and taking cover behind an upturned table.The messenger then opens his trench coat to reveal a television screen strapped to his body.Mounties guiding crowds on Canada Day didn’t know names of downtown streets, and “uninformed” volunteers made up information, says a list of key complaints from Canadian Heritage.The document was released through the Citizen’s access-to-information request.

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Comic is a comic released from December 9, 2009 until December 15, 2009, running along side the WAR! The comic features the Administrator and Miss Pauling in their efforts to break up the friendship between the RED Demoman and the BLU Soldier.

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