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Troy dunn dating jokes

He swears that if the bank had waited — Steinberg says he was in rehab at the time — and conducted an auction with his help, it could have made far more than it did.

“I had hundreds and hundreds of helmets and footballs and trophies,” he says. All that stuff.” cover; and a few items dating back to 1975, when his very first client, quarterback Steve Bartkowski, was the first of his unprecedented eight players to be chosen No. — In the late ’60s and early ’70s, when Leigh William Steinberg was an undergrad and then law student at the University of California at Berkeley, there was little glamour and less money in athlete representation.

Steinberg occupies a small office with Tom Van Voorst, a fellow recovering alcoholic and lawyer who is also his roommate.

The two met at a Sober Living facility in 2010 and now share an apartment in Laguna Niguel.

Crowe was researching a movie script about a charismatic sports agent; Mc Donald was trying to charm his way out of free-agent limbo and into a new jersey. ” Of course, the exact quote that inspired the director is beside the point.

It’s a clear violation of NFLPA rules for an agent to solicit a loan from a client.High-cheekboned and slim, the type-A son of a high school principal (father) and librarian (mother), he’d been elected student council president at every stop from Marina del Rey Junior High to Berkeley Law.But of all the famous men he encountered on Berkeley’s campus — from Jimi Hendrix to Ronald Reagan — the most valuable connection he made was to the school’s future football star: the 6-foot 4-inch, rocket-armed Bartkowski.The most famous words in the history of sports representation are fictional, sure.But Leigh Steinberg, the man famed as the original superagent, still claims responsibility for their provenance.

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A visit doesn’t reveal much in the way of personal possessions — it came furnished — save for an artsy menorah Steinberg has set on the mantel. That isn’t much to go on for Richard Marshack, attorney for the bankruptcy trustee, whose mandate is to find potential assets and redistribute the money to Steinberg’s long list of creditors, which include the Irvine Co.