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Updating mame

Use Flat Menus Don’t use sub menu tree structure on Start Page.

Set to False to use two levels of navigations from the Start Page.

Wizard Mode Please select your mode: Options: This part of setup allows you to download various themes for use in Game Ex.

Once a download is complete it should be automatically installed for you.

Options: Arcade VGA Settings Here you can set various Arcade VGA settings of Game Ex.

If your using an Arcade VGA card from Ultimarc the following settings can be used to automatically run games at the best resolutions.

Turning this on automatically configures Game Ex to only list MAME vertical games in addition it adds the command line to rotate MAME 90 Degrees. Options: Full Screen Windowed When Game Ex is Full Screen run windowed full screen.

The first time and if you add or delete files from the directory this can make the Jukebox slow to start up.Set the following setting to True, to display title text when in Arcade Mode. This is recommended if using Arcade Mode at a resolution above 640 x 480. Options: Hide/Show Taskbar When Full screen Game Ex normally hides the windows task bar so there is a smooth transition when launching apps and emus.However if you are launching Game Ex from other software you may not want to do this if the taskbar is hidden prior to launching Game Ex.Looks nice, on a PC or TV, This also makes Game Ex look similar to Windows Media Center.set this to Display Background Image=snap, to make Snap images the background and make the backgrounds of the menus transparent. Options: Snap Brightness Snap/Image/Video Brightness. If Display Background is set to snap, then this next value controls the screen brightness of the images or videos displayed. Default: Use 16 Bit Colour The following setting will use 16 Bit colour instead of 32.

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Navigation is much simpler with paging by pressing left or right, and button 1 and 2 navigate the available lists. Recommended for simple cab setups, where you want to lock things down or its for young children. Simple mode disables the menus in gameex so there is just a list and no horizontal or vertical menu. In addition the Shift1 (default control) key acts as a home button in simple mode.

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