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Windows Vista might have helped set the foundations for the modern Windows that people now enjoy, but it will be forever remembered alongside failures like Windows ME and Windows 8 as yet another operating system that consumers disliked.

If your computer meets the Windows system requirements above, but Chrome isn't starting or you see the error message "This computer will no longer receive Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported," you might have Chrome set to run in Windows' Compatibility Mode.

Most of these new graphically intense parts of Windows Vista led to some criticisms of the operating system.

A sidebar provided quick access to widgets, and the Start menu was tweaked to focus on a new way to search within Windows Vista.It was a big task that ultimately failed for Vista, and Microsoft ended up integrating parts of Win FS into its SQL Server product.Windows Vista also introduced a new Aero user interface.Windows Vista, an operating system released by Microsoft for consumers on January 30, 2007, has been criticised by reviewers and users.Due to issues with privacy, security, performance, driver support and product activation, Windows Vista has been the subject of a number of negative assessments by various groups.

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Microsoft had much bigger ambitions with Vista that failed, but the fundamentals certainly pushed Windows forward in design, functionality, and security.

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