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Vray unhandled exception updating render lights

There is one disgusting thing while rendering complex scenes in V-Ray. It can even fully disarm someone, killing any enthusiasm to continue any further work on the current scene. Can it really be true that to complete a big project we inevitably need to increase the amount of RAM, installed in computer?Especially unexpected and tricky this thing becomes when one is working on the commercial rendering with clearly defined deadline. Is it true, that the only way out is to go to the computer store and buy a few more sticks of RAM?Each ray intersection is fixed and thus V-Ray determines the location of geometry in the scene, its basic properties and other information required for further rendering.The process of calculation of the single raycast, i.e.Let us take a formal analogy to the technically complicated raycasting algorithm.This analogy will greatly help us understand the specific problems of memory management in V-Ray.

In any software, the memory management and the way of placing the data there is a very complicated and routine material. There is absolutely no sense to go deep into describing the data arrays and the ways of addressing to them.

the ray intersection with geometry and the determining of its properties, is not time significant.

However, the number of raycasts during photorealistic rendering can exceed manyfold the number of rendered image pixels.

For example, the HD 1920x1080 resolution render is made of more than 2 million separate pixels.

This scale changes the situation fundamentally, making the raycasting process very resource-intensive.

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